My winter hat obsession

I love winter head gear. Literally all of it.  From pom beanies to headbands I honestly can’t get enough!

I am not really sure the amount of hats and headbands I own, but I will say… can you ever have too many?! I mean I live in Montana after all! It snows like 6 months out of the year here!

Not to mention that even in the winter I am still outside quite a bit. It maybe for a fun winter activity, but I also spend a lot of time outside in the cold for my job.

My favorite hat I purchased this winter has to be this beanie from Bar 47 in White Sulphur Springs! The best part it’s handmade! Oh and how many people can say they have a beanie from White Sulphur Springs (Some of you may even be like I have no idea where that is)?!

My second favorite place for a good beanie is The Montana Scene! They have locations in Bozeman, Missoula, White Fish, Big Fork, and Kalispell. I highly recommend visiting one of the stores or you can visit them online. Full disclosure I brought two of my winter hats there this year.

My final favorite purchase of this winter season was a purple Coal headband. I made that purchase at Evergreen in downtown Bozeman. Sometimes I like to mix it up from the beanies and a headband is a great way to go!

I have links and pictures to these items in the style tab! Go check it out!



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