Microbreweries…a Montana way of life

One of my favorite things about Montana is the brewery scene. I was first introduced to craft beers in college. We enjoyed Devil’s Backbone…often, but I never really appreciated the microbrewery culture until I moved to Montana.

I love breweries for two reasons. First, the atmosphere. I feel like each brewery I go to in Montana has its own unique feel. Two, checking out different breweries has become somewhat of a tradition for me and Bryn (my boyfriend, for those of you who don’t know him).



We have visited quite a few breweries in the two years we have been together. I think I speak for the both of us when I say that our favorite will probably always be the Mighty Mo in Great Falls. For the two of us it just feels like home!


However, Dillon’s Beaverhead Brewing Company has lately been a favorite of mine. First of all, Dillon overall as a small town… you absolutely rock! The downtown is adorable, everyone is super friendly, and this New Yorker still gets pretty excited when she sees a real cowboy!

Beaverhead Brewing really captures the charm of Dillon. It’s a new brewery that knows how to make an IPA, but it feels like it has been a staple in the town forever.


The cozy fireplace, super friendly staff, awesome swag (I have a shirt from there that I would wear everyday if I could), and good beer is why I am writing about this place.

I think anyone traveling to Dillon anytime soon should most deffinitely try their Beaverslide IPA or the famous Poindexter Pilsner ( I think it’s famous because Governor Bullock is caught on camera having one).


Now, this post is not just about promoting beer. It’s about Montana’s awesome small businesses, so tonight, or this weekend I challenge you to go and support a small business. Whether it is in a small town like Dillon, or in one of our major cities like Bozeman. Snap a pic while you’re there and share it with me on Facebook or Instagram, or you can even post it right here in the comments.

I can’t wait to learn about all of your favorite small businesses!



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