Creating a cute, but comfy travel outfit

In Montana our airports aren’t very large, meaning we don’t have a lot of direct flights.

Any flight that I have taken (with the exceptions of Seattle and Las Vegas), I have had to leave at the crack of dawn. I am also usually traveling for 6 hours or more. So, being comfy, but not looking like I rolled out of bed is important to me.

First, THANK GOODNESS joggers came into style! They are like a sweat pant, but more stylish and acceptable to wear in public as pants. 


These are my go-to when flying! I own two gray pairs and a black pair and they can be styled super cute!

For my last trip I paired my joggers with pink sneakers. The sneakers are comfortable for walking they are stylish, and if you don’t have TSA Pre-Check they are easy to get on and off. 

I also love these sneakers because they can carry you from colder temperatures to warmer temperatures. I never like being the person that is wearing sandals when it’s snowing out even though you just got back from Florida! 


My third item that I love to have with me is a jean jacket. It’s usually cold when I leave in the morning so having a jacket is necessary. But for my last trip to California, I didn’t need to bring a heavy coat. This was the perfect compromise. 


The great thing about these three items is that you can wear them throughout your trip!

In San Diego, I wore the sneakers when we were walking around at the San Diego Zoo and in Old Town. 

I also wore the jean jacket down by the beach and at night when it cooled down a bit. 

I also wore the joggers to lounge around in the morning while I got my caffeine level up! 

Don’t let early flights and long travel days cramp your style!






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