Open your heart, mind & soul

It’s amazing what removing the toxic in your life can do for the soul. Over the last two months I have really been trying new things that I know I normally would never have thought about doing before.


First, this winter season I decided to learn to snowboard. For me doing something that I know I won’t be good at immediately scares the pants off of me! Yet, at 26 years old I took two snowboarding lessons this winter. One was from my good friend Jake. Seriously, anyone that is thinking about snowboarding for the first time young or old hit this guy up at Showdown. He spent the whole day with me and I somewhat had the hang of it by the end!

Then about 2 months later I decided to put myself in another lesson at Red Lodge Mountain. I totally felt like a goon being an adult that needed a lesson. Still I just told myself to try it and I did! It was awesome too. I was way more confident on the board this time and  was able to get down the learning area by myself (baby steps)!

Finally, the last weekend of the season was here and I find myself at Big Sky Resort (arguably the best skiing in the country).


I missed all the times for the lessons, but for the first time in a LONG time I felt confident enough to just go and try something on my own. I rented the boots and board and up the magic carpet I went and spent half a day just going over what I was taught. I would say by the end I actually looked like I knew what I was doing and I am so excited to keep going next year!

Another thing I have found myself enjoying so much is riding my bike to work. I don’t consider my self super coordinated, and I have never really rode a bike as a means of transportation. Yet, I have this adorable sand cruiser and it was about time I used it. I figured out my bike route and the hand signaling. Now, I ride my bike as much as I can!

Riding my bike around was something I always thought about, but was too scared to actually do it. It is honestly ridiculous that I didn’t even have the self confidence to ride my bike…thank goodness that is behind me!


The last thing that I have opened myself up to is being able to get on the river in a boat. Again I know this sounds so strange, but I have been invited by my boyfriend and his friends multiple times to go in their drift boats and fish. In all honesty I don’t like fly fishing that much and it always intimidated me to be out with them when I don’t really like fishing.


There was no reason to be intimidated or afraid and I finally said I would go with them. I actually had a really great time. I was super relaxed and just hung out and took pictures and chatted with them for the float.


I know these aren’t huge life altering things that I have been trying, but honestly just opening myself to anything out of my comfort zone has been so hard for me in the past. Now, I realize I was just holding myself back from enjoying life!

I plan on continuing to open myself to new experiences and activities that I am unsure of.  Instagram has been full of ‘living my best life’ captions lately and I know many of you readers can’t stand that. Well I’m sorry, but I finally feel like I am living my best life (don’t hate.)


If I can inspire just one person to come out of their comfort zone and try something new then I am doing my job. ❤




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