Friday Favorites

Sorry I missed last week guys. I was busy redoing my site, which I hope you are all enjoying! 🙂

First up this week is the Golden Potion Latte from Townshend’s Tea Company. This is basically their take on a turmeric latte. I get it with coconut milk because, you know, no dairy for me. I love this latte though as there are many said benefits of turmeric including reducing inflammation. It also is really calming to me with both a mellow flavor and a little spice. It’s a great alternative to a coffee latte. ❤



Jess Glynne’s new album, Always in Between. It dropped last Friday and I have had it on repeat. It’s a great mix of upbeat and mellow songs. They are all super catchy. She’s a staple artist at my cycling studio, and definitely gets you moving. Or just listen and relax while sipping that Golden Potion Latte. 😉 ❤


I just got these sneaker wedges in from Sora & Co. I saw them on their Insta story and ordered them right away! They are SO cute and super comfy. I have them on right now and could not be more happy with their look, feel, and color. Definitely a necessary add to the Fall wardrobe. ❤

FullSizeR (4)




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