Taking a look at my veganism

Why be vegan?

I get this question a lot and all the vegans I know also get asked this question ALL the time. There is no right or wrong answer to this question and most vegans have different answers, but they usually revolve around animal rights and health.


Why am I vegan?

I decided to try veganism when I saw I needed a change in my diet. I wanted to cut out dairy for a while, but never had the self-discipline to do it. Then I watched the Netflix documentary “What the Health.” I saw how animals were being treated, how the food I was eating was actually made, and the nasty effects eating animal products could have on my body. That was enough for me. I actually just switched to veganism right away. I know this is not for everyone and some people need to cut out animal products in sections. If you want to be successful in this lifestyle than changing your diet at your own pace is key.


How’s your vegan diet going?

I want to go back to the above sentence where I say that veganism is a lifestyle. Once changing over to the vegan lifestyle I got a lot of questions about how being on the vegan ‘diet’ is. Veganism is not a diet. It’s a choice to be kind to all things. Of course cutting out cheese and ice cream will help improve your health, but there is plenty of processed vegan food out there that isn’t healthy. After switching to a plant based diet I do feel healthier and I did lose weight, but that was because I am constantly checking ingredients and avoiding anything ( even the vegan ones) that don’t make me feel good. Checking ingredients on everything has become part of my lifestyle, and some may say it’s annoying and an inconvenience, but I am proud be part of a lifestyle that promotes kindness.


Why I will never go back?

The answer to this question is in my last paragraph. Be Kind. When I recently traveled to Portland I went to the Vegan Mini Mall. This mini mall consists of an all vegan grocery store, a vegan clothing store ( no leather products, wool etc.),a vegan bakery, and a vegan tattoo shop. The clothing store called Herbivore had stickers, magnets, shirts, literally just about anything with the phrase ‘be kind’ scrolled across it. This resonated with me. I want to be kind and I know sometimes I’m not. However, being part of a community that just wants people to be kind is helping me focus on that. That’s why I love veganism because it is backed by a community of kindness and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be kind.

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3 thoughts on “Taking a look at my veganism”

  1. While I think that you are choosing this lifestyle to “be kind” BUT I have to disagree that ALL Vegans are thinking “be Kind” when they place judgement on people who choose to eat meat. Also, I am hesitant to ever say that I will ALWAYS not eat meat because as the years pass and my health/fitness goals change there might be a time where I NEED to eat meat again and I might have to be okay with that. Also, I like to “be Kind” to dairy, chicken, and meat “farmers” because they need to make a living too and they do so by raising and selling animal products and I don’t think that makes them bad people, do you?


    1. I think you raise really great questions. First this post is really about my feelings towards my lifestyle change. I will never tell someone that they are a bad person because they eat meat or animal products. My family isn’t vegan and my boyfriend isn’t vegan. I don’t think they’re bad people. I agree with the fact that there are a lot of vegans who really push the issue and say that people are terrible for eating animals and so on. I like to surround myself with vegans who are respectful and just want to make the world a better place and everyone’s idea of that is different. The place where I found the saying is all posivibes which made me feel good and connected just being in there. I don’t think farmers and ranchers are bad people either. I live in a huge ranching state. For a lot of people I know animal products is their whole lively hood. I’m friends with people who own ranches and my veganism has no impact on our friendship. For me when I think of how this inspired me to “be kind” it’s from a bigger picture. Example, I was annoyed at Target about my online order being wrong. It wasn’t the girls fault. There was no reason for me to act annoyed towards her and that’s how I’ve been approaching the idea of “being kind.” Finally I’m all about doing what feels good to your body. Since cutting out animal products I have felt amazing and I think everyone should follow what makes them feel good. I’m a strong proponent of that.

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      1. Morgan, thanks for your response. I hope you didn’t feel like I was being confrontational. I love the fact that you have found an eating approach that makes you feel your best! 🙂


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