What I eat on the go

Lately, I have been traveling for work and although it’s fun to go to new places I don’t always know where I will be able to get good food options.

So, I have a mini survival snack kit that I pack with me when I’m on the road.

Note: this kit won’t work if you are flying.

I usually grab kombucha to have with me throughout the trip. I like having one in the morning or afternoon. Kombucha is a great coffee or soda replacement for me. I can put the bottles in the fridge at my hotel and have them as I need it.

I will also grab apples for as many days as I need breakfast. I don’t always have time to run and get a breakfast somewhere. Not to mention the time to find a place that carries vegan friendly options. So, apples are my go to in the a.m.


Finally, I keep Hippeas in my backpack. This requires some self control because I seriously could eat a whole bag at any given moment. I dig the sriracha flavor, but there is also vegan cheddar.


I’m someone that needs to eat on a schedule. Once I start getting hungry I get cranky and unproductive. Having something available when I am hungry is a BIG releif!

Plus you can get apples, Hippeas, and kombucha at just about any grocery store. Way better than living off drive through fries ;)!



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