Packing for your Fall YNP trip

Fall in Yellowstone National Park is amazing. There is so much wildlife to be seen! The Fall colors and the snow on top of the mountains. It is literally perfect ! ❤


But this time of year means the weather can change in a flash and being prepared is always key.

So, what do I pack for my overnight stay at the Park?


Starting with shoes I will pack 3 pairs. I know this seems excessive, but I wear a comfortable, yet stylish pair of shoes. Ones that I will want to wear out to dinner in Gardiner.  😉  I pack hiking boots, obviously, and my Chacos. The Boiling River is an awesome place to stop and soak in the hot springs. Having sandals with you will come in handy for this! Also for your feet grab enough pairs of socks. I always have 2 pairs of hiking socks with me.




Pack leggings and jeans. If I am doing activities in the Park leggings are great, but again if you don’t want to wear hiking clothes all weekend having jeans will be nice.

LAYERS! I will wear a t-shirt and then have a flannel over that and pack a Patagonia fleece. Different elevations throughout the Park can be colder, but you may get warm while hiking. You will be happy when you can put on a jacket or remove a flannel. I also always pack a rain coat! Seriously, the weather in the Park is so unpredictable. I have been there in July and it has snowed!

I like to grab a beanie and a ball cap for my head. Ball caps are great for hikes, especially if you like to keep the sun off your face. The beanie is for warmth in the event you do get caught in that late Summer snow storm!  😉



We invested in a Yeti Cooler pretty much for our Yellowstone trips. We never know how long we will be hiking or fishing so, having provisions is important. Any cooler will do the trick though.

I grab a bunch of Clif Bars before heading out. If you are hiking around you will be happy to have some of those guys. I will also pack hummus and pitas, veggies, fruit, and chips.

There have been many times where we have gotten off the trail and just hung out watching some bison while snacking. World’s best dining view! 🙂


Packing multiple water bottles is a must! There are plenty of fountains around the Park, but you never know how far away you will be from one. So, having 3 or 4 with you is always a good back up.

Some of the other miscellaneous items you will want to have in the car are portable chargers, bear spray, chap stick, and a back pack.

The more prepared you are the more enjoyable Yellowstone is!

IMG_0594 (1)

Happy wandering,



Snowshoeing in high heels

This post is exactly as it sounds. This weekend I did one of my favorite winter activities….snowshoeing! So, for those of you who don’t know what snowshoeing is, it’s basically strapping tennis rackets to your feet and going on a walk.

Well, when we decided to go snowshoeing this weekend I was very unprepared in that I did not have my snow boots. I only had these SUPER CUTE wedge booties by ESPRIT.

tj-maxx-Black-Lace-Up-Wedge-Boots $40 @ T.J. MAXX

Well, as I am sure you can imagine they are not waterproof and are meant to be stylish and not for outdoor snow activities. But, the group was determined to get outside and being the sassy person I am I strapped those snowshoes to the wedges and did 3 miles!

As, I was marching around Silver Crest Trail in my stylish snowshoes I thought wow if I can snowshoe in wedges, I can do anything. Which, maybe a little much, but this is a shout out to every woman and girl ( and guys too) who romp around in heels all day taking on whatever is thrown at them.

Take a second to pat yourself on the back and the next time you put on your wedges, pumps, or stilettos remember you are fierce and can do anything!

P.S. If you have not tried snowshoeing I highly recommend it! If you are in Montana the Forest Service will rent you snowshoes for free!