A MUCH needed update

Sorry that I have been straight up M.I.A. from my blog it’s been a crazy two months. I had an amazing trip to New York for the holidays where I was able to spend Christmas with my family. This was the first time that all 5 of us have been together for Christmas in YEARS! It was pretty magical! ❤


To kick off the new year I also took a new job that I am very excited about. If you hear me calling myself the garbage lady it’s only partially true. 😉 I have taken over the public relations, marketing, and events coordinating for Republic Services. I am extremely happy with this decision and ready to help educate communities throughout Montana about waste services.


Bryn and I also took a trip to Portland and if you couldn’t tell from my Instagram I absolutely thrived there. From all the vegan foods to the super funky furniture stores and every good beer in between, we had the best time! This was the first vacation we have taken just the two of us in over 2 years!

Now, let’s take a moment to really relish in all that Portland had to offer…



I’m so excited about 2019, it’s already been great to me so far and we are only a month in! I want to continue posting my vegan recipes on here for you all. ( I have a red curry one that is actually THE best!) Of course I will continue to post about Yellowstone too. I promise I will have a winter post for the park soon as well.

I want to know what you all want to see more of this year too! (besides consistency lol) Please feel free to drop me a line  and let me know. I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you!

Keep wandering,



The best ships

“Congrats! You landed your first job and it’s in Great Falls Montana…”

Moving away for your first job can be scary, and it can be even scarier when it’s across the country. Not to mention working in a high stress very low paying job can take a toll on your morale.

However, I am so thankful I took that job in Great Falls because it brought so many great people into my life.

In the world of television news you never know who is going to walk into a newsroom. It’s no secret that it’s an industry full of divas and competitive people who will do anything to get ahead. But then it also has its gems.

My first job gave me a lot of stress, but it also brought me lasting friendships. When work was rough I had these two to help me get through.


Now 2 years later, we don’t work in the same place, and don’t live in the same cities (or state), but still act like there has been no time away.

It’s pretty awesome being able to pick up a friendship just where you left it even when we are all in different places in life, our careers, and even physically. Being able to reconnect the way I can with these two ladies is something special.


The best ships truly are friendships.