Off the beaten path in San Diego…

I recently traveled to L.A. and San Diego for a quick little spring break trip that was so so so necessary.


Now, of course I did the touristy things like go to the zoo, and check out the seals at Children’s Pool, but no matter where I vacation I also like checking out the less touristy things.


So, on this trip we stayed in La Jolla, which was originally just a surfer town, but has developed quite a bit over the years. However, the part of La Jolla where we stayed there were two things I absolutely loved.

First the boutique scene was out of this world. Everything was so cute and trendy, but also very reasonable.

In addition to the boutique scene I found two great places to get beverages. Almost every morning we walked down to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. Yes, it was very strange that we were walking everywhere, but you can’t take the New Yorker out of me. I love to walk…Sorry Cali.

Anyways…The cold brew there was great, so was the Americano, and the Iced Chai.


Multiple places around La Jolla sell their coffee, and I highly suggest that’s where you get your caffeine fix.

The second place is for my juice and smoothie lovers. Turquoise Juice Bar just opened on Turquoise Street (hence the name). The place is super funky and has a feminist theme going on. You can literally order a smoothie called the feminist. For the health conscious that know juices and smoothies can contain a ton of sugar and calories opt for the Alien Princess or the Dancing Queen. Those two drinks are mostly spinach and kale based.



I definitely dug the scene in La Jolla. Along with all these places there was great access to the beach, some great brunch spots, and they had a indoor cycling studio so, I was set.

Thanks for a great time La Jolla! We will definitely be back! ❤