Start a winter tradition that gets you outside

Living in a super cold and snowy place can give you some serious cabin fever during the winter months. Making an effort to get outside can be challenging, but there is plenty you can do to break that ‘fever.’

Of course many people ski or snowboard, which is a great way to get outside, but for those that don’t do either I have another option.

My boyfriend and his friends started a curling tournament last winter that has grown into an annual tradition. We’re outside for hours taking in the cold while still getting to socialize. The curling tournament has turned into about a 20 person event and as long as you have a patch of ice you really can set up anywhere.

We do our tournament at Holter Lake. The boys clear off a patch of ice and spray paint the target or ‘house.’ For the ‘stones’ they freeze colored water in milk jugs. The brooms we use are just from Home Depot. 🙂

The tournament is not difficult to set up and the rules of curling are pretty easy to understand. So, there you go any easy way to get all your friends together and get outside this winter.

In addition to the curling we have a fire going to keep those not playing warm. We are always prepared with plenty of beverages to also keep us warm. That part is of course optional! 😉

In addition to getting outside it’s a great way to always have a weekend with friends, especially ones that don’t live by you. That’s exactly what we use this weekend for and it works great.

Starting a tradition means that everyone knows your event will happen every year and they can plan for it. We all have crazy schedules and it can be hard to connect with people. Especially when it is freezing otuside and roads are bad.

We all love a good tradition (FACT!) and that’s why the annual Holter Lake Curling Tournament has turned into a success! So, what are you waiting for ?! Start planning your winter tradition today!


Keep wandering,



My winter hat obsession

I love winter head gear. Literally all of it.  From pom beanies to headbands I honestly can’t get enough!

I am not really sure the amount of hats and headbands I own, but I will say… can you ever have too many?! I mean I live in Montana after all! It snows like 6 months out of the year here!

Not to mention that even in the winter I am still outside quite a bit. It maybe for a fun winter activity, but I also spend a lot of time outside in the cold for my job.

My favorite hat I purchased this winter has to be this beanie from Bar 47 in White Sulphur Springs! The best part it’s handmade! Oh and how many people can say they have a beanie from White Sulphur Springs (Some of you may even be like I have no idea where that is)?!

My second favorite place for a good beanie is The Montana Scene! They have locations in Bozeman, Missoula, White Fish, Big Fork, and Kalispell. I highly recommend visiting one of the stores or you can visit them online. Full disclosure I brought two of my winter hats there this year.

My final favorite purchase of this winter season was a purple Coal headband. I made that purchase at Evergreen in downtown Bozeman. Sometimes I like to mix it up from the beanies and a headband is a great way to go!

I have links and pictures to these items in the style tab! Go check it out!